GNC-SNS primitive genetic code hypothesis

GNC-SNSSince the genetic code occupies a core position connecting genetic function with catalytic function in the fundamental life system, the origin and evolution of the genetic code is quite important for understanding formation process of the fundamental life system composed of gene, genetic code and protein. In facts, GNC-SNS primitive genetic code hypothesis gave an opportunity for proposing [GADV]-protein world hypothesis (GADV hypothesis) on the origin of life.

The GNC-SNS primitive genetic code hypothesis assumes that the universal genetic code or standard genetic code originated from GNC primeval genetic code encoding the respective [GADV]-amino acids with four codons through SNS primitive genetic code, which codes for 10 amino acids with sixteen codons. According to the hypothesis, it is considered that the both substantially and formally triplet genetic code evolved from substantially singlet but formally triplet GNC code through substantially doublet but formally triplet SNS code.

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