「GADV Hypothesis on the Origin of Life」が発刊されました

生命の起源に関する「GADVタンパク質ワールド仮説」の本「GADV Hypothesis on the Origin of Life -Life emerged in this way!?-」をドイツのLambert社から英語版で出版しました。以前、池原が京大出版から出版した日本語版「GADV仮説 生命起源を問い直す」にさらに最近の考えを入れ込んだ本です。ぜひ大勢の皆様に御覧いただきたく思いますので、ご興味のある方はG&L共生研究所(https://g-and-l.asia/)にご連絡ください。ちなみに、本の価格は、39ユーロです。


Part I: Exploring the Origin of Life

Chapter I-0: Grounds, under which organisms can live and survive

Chapter I-1: General Approach for Study on the Origin of Life (Bottom-up Approach)

Chapter I-2: RNA World Hypothesis

Chapter I-3: GADV Hypothesis on the Origin of Life (Top-down Approach)

Chapter I-4: The Riddle  on the Life-Origin could be resolved by Comparison of Bottom-up and Top-down Approaches

Part II: Life emerged and evolved in this Way !?

Chapter II-1: From Birth of the Earth to Formation of [GADV]-protein World

Chapter II-2: Establishment  of the First Genetic System and in the Emergence of Life

Chapter II-3:  Evolution of the First Genetic System to the Modern System

Chapter II-4: Evidence supporting GADV Hypothesis


A-0. General

A-1. Gene

A-2. Genetic code

A-3. Protein

A-4. Origin of Life